Alexander Technique benefits

Alexander Technique is available to everyone, however some people benefit more than others. Let's explore the differences.



Alexander Technique is great for ...


  • everyone who wants to take full control over their posture
  • anyone wanting to address root cause of their posture related issue

  • people willing to learn a brand new skill
  • curious people willing to explore the unknown
  • those seeking continuous improvement
  • anyone wanting to change habits
  • active participants
  • committed students

... less so for


  • people seeking immediate gratifications and results via ready made solution
  • those looking for quick fix or a patch
  • people unwilling to change their habits
  • passive receivers
  • uninterested individuals

Common Alexander Technique side effects



Pain management


Majority of students are those who suffer some form of muscular-skeletal pain or discomfort.

Often chronic or recurrent pain.

Where conventional therapies fail all together or offer only a temporary relief, Alexander Technique eliminates pain issues as a convenient side effect. 

Better performance


Musicians, singers, actors, public speakers, athletes and about anybody else can use the Alexander Technique to improve their skills.

High performers may not necessarily suffer pain or discomfort, however gained advantage of well functioning body will further boost their output.

Self development


Anybody who is genuinely interested in exploring the secrets of their own mind and body is welcome to try Alexander Technique.

By definition, you will discover and learn things about yourself previously unknown to you. 

Comparison to other therapies

Engagement process

Alexander Technique is an educational process.

Students learn from a teacher in order to acquire skill for a self change.

Traditional therapies such as Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage and others are intervention based.

Therapists use their skills to achieve a change on behalf of a client.

Investment and longevity

Alexander Technique students are investing into their own education.

Learning a skill for indefinitely lasting results.

Clients pay for a ready made solution with often temporary results.

Safety and compatibility

Alexander Technique is 100% safe. 

Students are in full control of their body at all times.

It is also compatible with any other modality.

With other therapies a potential risk exists if inappropriate treatment is administered.

Compatibility depends on the therapists advice and may not be advisable. 


Alexander Technique students are dependent on their teacher only during skill acquisition.

Once learned, the skill can be applied at any time by the student alone.

Client is dependent on the therapists expertise.

Often resulting in a recurring (maintenance) visits.