Alexander Technique lessons

1:1 learning


Lessons take the form of one on one learning as each student is different.

Individual approach is essential.




Normal lesson runs between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Your first lesson may stretch up to 1.5 hours. 




Teachers use mostly verbal instructions accompanied by a light touch of hands for fine guidance.




Lessons are conducted while dressed in casual clothes allowing for free movement.

Fitting clothes (yoga outfit, etc.) is recommended to aid students to observe their own posture in a mirror, however it is not required.

Please avoid skirts.


Mirror work


First part of the lesson happens mostly in front of a mirror.

Student performs series of instructions given by the teacher in order to adjust own posture.

This is often considered the 'active phase' as student must engage underused and atrophied muscles. 


Table work


The second part takes place on a table (similar to a massage table) where student rests on their back. 

During this 'passive phase' students release any residual tension while the teacher assists with gentle hand guidance.

Table work is very soothing and relaxing and serves as a balance to often challenging mirror work.